The latest version of the Protection Profile for SSR Passes the CC Evaluation

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The latest version (v2.5) of the Protection Profile (PP) for Secure Smartcard Reader (SSR), which is the terminal device of Electronic Identity Verification System (EIVS) developed by T├ťB─░TAK B─░LGEM UEKAE eID Technologies Department, has successfully passed the Common Criteria (CC) evaluation.

Thanks to the Secure Access Module (SAM) inside the device, the SSR reads the biometric data within the identity card and performs biometric verification. Moreover, upon the completion of the identity verification, the SSR produces a digital document signed by the SAM as an evidence. Thus, identity, time and location of the operation are recorded in this digitally-signed document.

This published Protection Profile, which is of international acceptance, defines the security requirements of the SSR. Companies producing the SSR need to have their product tested by a laboratory accredited by Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) and receive CC EAL4+ certificate.

Potential candidates of SSR producers may download┬áÔÇťProtection Profile for Application Firmware of Secure Smartcard Reader for National Electronic Identity Verification SystemÔÇŁ from the link below:

Click here to download