ESYA Entitled to CCEAL4+ Certificate

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2.0 Version of ESYA (E-Certificate Management Infrastructure), which was developed by T├ťB─░TAK B─░LGEM National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology (UEKAE) within the scope of MA3 project, was entitled to CCEAL4+certificate.

ESYA has all features that can be found in the system of a public key infrastructure (PKI). ESYA Certification Authority (CA) stands out as the only national authority providing the production and management of e-certificates which play a key role in e-government processes such as TR ID Card Project, authority certificate, national judiciary informatics system, e-invoice, e-prescription, next generation cash register, e-passport, tachograph etc. 2.0 version of ESYA, which is complied with the latest PKI standards and technologies, received the CCEAL4+ certificate that is congruent with the CIMC Protection Profile on 11 September of 2015. 2.0 version of ESYA has a unique place since it has been the first product to receive the CCEAL4+ certificate in Turkey and among the few ones in the world as such.